Ice Sculptures

Arctic Glacier is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality packaged ice products, primarily under the brand name Arctic Glacier Premium Ice. We are the largest producer of packaged ice in Canada and are among the largest producers in the United States, serving over 75,000 retail, commercial and industrial customer locations throughout six provinces in Canada and nineteen states in the northeastern, central and western United States.

We have grown significantly since our start in 1996, primarily through an aggressive acquisition strategy in the highly fragmented ice production and distribution industry. We have acquired 78 packaged ice businesses in Canada and the United States to date at a cost of almost US$475 million. These geographically contiguous acquisitions have established our critical mass, allowing us to improve financial results by leveraging our investments in infrastructure and brand development. We are now the largest producer and distributor of packaged ice in each of the markets that we operate.

We currently operate 42 production and 50 distribution facilities, and employ more than 1,100 people year-round. Our labor force increases to more than 2,400 employees during the summer to meet the increased seasonal increases in demand for our products. Our current production capacity is approximately 11,000 tons of ice per day.

We also license our trade names and proprietary technology to independently owned companies in Canada and the United States under franchise and license agreements.

Arctic Glacier Canada Inc. and Arctic Glacier U.S.A., Inc, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Arctic Glacier Holdings, Inc.

Our corporate headquarters are located at 625 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3A 0V1, which can be reached by phone at 204.772.2473 or by fax at 204.783.9857.


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